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What is Headstrong?

Headstrong™ was invented to help athletes achieve their maximum potential while swimming. It gives insight to proper head position and aids in the correction of total body posture. Headstrong™ is a training tool like fins, paddles, or buoys... designed to aid in the development of your skill level.

headstrong_photoWith its patent pending technology, Headstrong™ delivers continuous "real-time" feedback while you train. With this innovative training device, you now have the unique ability to easily correct your head position leading to a more efficient stroke.

Headstrong™ is made of HDPE which is chlorine resistant and UV resistant. Headstrong™ works for all types of swimming techniques - Freestyle, Breast or Butterfly stroke. Swimmers can also wear the device to provide a focal point... which is especially helpful for doing the backstroke. It was developed for male and female triathletes and swimmers training at any skill level.

It's design uses "range-of-motion" to alert athletes of their head position and is completely undetectable to the swimmer until head position exceeds the recommended posture range.

Headstrong™ took years of conceptual thinking, research, development and testing to perfect. Headstrong™ is a "one-of-a-kind" tool designed for swimmers, by swimmers. We are excited to be able to offer you the latest in swim training. Our goal is to help athletes become better athletes. Start getting the results you are searching for.bullets

Simply put... any athlete who trains using Headstrong™ now has the power to recognize common flaws in their form, correct these flaws, and become a better, faster, more efficient swimmer.

To learn more about Headstrong™ and how it works, click here

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