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Reviews & Testimonials

What kind of improvements can you expect?

Although results may vary, Headstrong™ was tested on over 25 male and female triathletes (and swimmers of all levels) for a period of 3 months. Each athlete experienced drastic improvements in head posture and hand entry position. Not only were many of them able to correct these posture problems on their own, 80% of these athletes reported significant increases in endurance giving them the ability to feel more relaxed, train longer and swim faster.

Here are some testimonials provided by real triathletes after completing our testing phase:

test_1"As a movement expert and swimmer, HeadStrong Posture Trainer is so simple to use yet has so many options. The most important, a neutral head position, it will give you a tap if your neck is not in line with your spine. Just as important, when taking a breath it reminds you to just turn so slightly to get some air without rolling the whole head which can offset body alignment. As a bonus, you can use it to make sure you are pulling properly and are centered while swimming. Overall, I would say this is not a swim toy, but a must when it comes to eliminating bad habits while working on your specific stroke."

-Franco Zuccoli, Open Water Swimmer and Exercise & Wellness Specialist

test_2"While working freestyle drills with the Head Strong Posture Trainer, I was able to achieve and practice proper head alignment immediately. Straightaway my upper and lower body became increasingly parallel with the pool bottom, and my improved catch trajectory released an unwanted load on my right shoulder. Very helpful!"

-Hal Hirshon, U.S. Masters Swimmer

test_1"Posture and alignment are critical to mastering an effective freestyle stroke. The Head Strong Posture Trainer, is designed to give an instant cue, via a gentle tap on the shoulder letting you know your head is out of position when taking a breath or when swimming. A real-time correction can then be made within the next arm cycle. Five stars, to a finely-honed swim product with real "smarts" that can actually give live feedback to what has otherwise been an elusive key element for me. Superb!"

-Caroline Kavanagh, Elite Amateur Triathlete

test_1 "As you know, people have one image of their stroke and it's often very different from the reality of the mechanics! I'm no different and I found the flaws immediately.I thought it was really cool in that I immediately had feedback on my stroke. I also liked that it gave me feedback during all phases of my stroke - meaning my head position when not breathing, and how it changes when breathing to one side versus the other.
The whole experience was frustrating, but in a positive way! It was frustrating because at first it made contact with me constantly! However, it's beneficial in that you are rewarded so quickly when you modify things and it made contact less and less as I relaxed my neck. I really think it's a useful tool and I will be using it a lot this winter to get ready for next season!"

-Kyle Burnell, Elite Amateur Triathlete and Swim Coach

test_1"Head Strong is a great product. For beginners it will be invaluable for learning proper head position. Someone can tell you how to hold your head but this product allows you to see and feel exactly where your head position is and where it should be. As an intermediate swimmer who struggles with correct hand entry the product gave me a mid-line point of reference and made it very easy to keep my hands entering the water where they need to. This product will be very beneficial to swimmers of all abilities!"

-Deanne Hobba, Intermediate Level Swimmer

test_1"On August 12, 2012 I successfully swam across the English Channel. Before I was going to attempt this incredibly daunting swim, I took some very good advice from my swim coach Craig Lewin. He suggested that I fine-tune my swimming form. This not only makes me a faster swimmer, but proper technique allows me to save energy. I work on my technique by myself, which is hard to do because I really need someone to watch what I am doing and then make corrections. As an alternative, Craig gave me a Headstrong Posture Trainer. This effective training tool allowed me to improve my head and body position while swimming. Now I can swim longer and faster. I no longer get the tightness that I used to get in my neck and shoulders after very long workouts. My technique has drastically improved just by adding the Headstrong Posture Trainer to my workouts. It has made a tremendous difference in my swimming speed and endurance."

-Kim Garbarino, English Channel Swimmer