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WHy Do I need Headstrong™?

The Problem:

When swimming Freestyle, Breaststroke, or Butterfly, your natural instinct is to look forward. However, if you are looking forward, you are in a "head-up" position. The "head-up" position forces your hips down, increases drag, lowers kick propulsion, and makes it more difficult to swim efficiently. For Backstroke swimmers, the same applies. If you are looking at your toes, you are in a "head-up" position. This is a common posture flaw that exists with countless beginner and more experienced swimmers. Most swimmers already understand the key to efficient swimming is head and spine alignment, but enforcing this technique is difficult without constant focus and the help from a swim coach.


How does it work?

Headstrong™ uses range of motion to alert athletes of their head position. When properly attached, the device should be undetectable to the swimmer until he or she exceeds the recommended posture range.

Headstrong™ is flexible and considered completely safe, but was designed to make contact with the lower portion of the neck when the swimmer's head position becomes problematic. This gentle contact alerts the athlete and aids in the correction of the problem.

Headstrong's design enables it to be worn with or without a swim cap. It is fastened to the swimmer's head using a silicone band (supplied by Headstrong™). Swimmers also have the option of attaching it directly to their current goggle strap. It is quick and easy to install or remove, making transition between different sets simple.

the science:

Directions for use

Step 1

Weave strap through Headstrong™ (See Figure 1). Headstrong™ can be secured to your head using the supplied silicone band or your own goggle strap (See Figure 2).

Step 2

Using silicone band (or goggle strap), wrap Headstrong™ around your head aligning the largest portion of the device to the back center of your head.

There are multiple configurations available when using and attaching Headstrong™. (See image below for different configurations). Headstrong™ will perform adequately with any one of the configurations shown below.

Step 3

To check proper alignment of Headstrong™, we recommend tilting your head back to ensure the device touches the center (spinal cord) just below the base of your neck (See Figure 3).

Headstrong™ is available for purchase now. If you would like to purchase Headstrong Posture Trainer, visit our Buy Now page.